I strongly recommend Ms. Sylvia Miller for immigration applications. Ms. Miller has been my lawyer for years, guiding me through the entire immigration process–from green card to (now) US citizenship.
She was extremely clear about the process and requirements, and was thorough in both preparing files and in explaining next steps. She has considered even the smallest details in the case, so I always felt like I knew what was happening, and why. I was never worried about what would come next. She provided check-lists and guides, and responded to my questions quickly. Speaking of which, she has an easy-to-use secure portal for communication and document storage that includes all relevant information and dates at-a-glance.
I also felt that Ms. Miller knew my case well–that I wasn’t just a case number. She was there to represent me and advise me at every important interview and meeting. When my citizenship interview was suddenly moved to Oregon, she found a way to conference in without interruption. The recommendations she gave were always tailored to my specific situations; they weren’t just generic, hasty suggestions.
Ultimately, it’s her sheer expertise and experience that leads me to recommend Ms. Miller so strongly. Those check-lists and guides come with years of experience working with the USCIS office. Yes, she is well-versed in the laws, but more importantly, she knows the processes of getting through the immigration system. She knows how to make the process as smooth as possible, and her guidance resulted in my immigration officer commenting that my file was one of the most comprehensive that he had ever seen.
Her work has literally impacted my life forever and has allowed me to have a more secure future with my family now as an American.